DP9 Dive School

Discover the magic of the ocean with DP9 Dive School, your premier destination for SSI (Scuba Schools International) scuba diving courses. Our team of experienced instructors is here to guide you through a range of SSI-certified courses, from beginner levels to advanced specialties. Dive into adventure, expand your horizons, and explore the underwater wonders with us. Join DP9 Dive School today and start your SSI scuba diving journey.

SSI - Try Scuba

  • Dive into Adventure: Ever wondered what it's like to breathe underwater and witness the beauty beneath the surface?
  • No Experience Needed: Perfect for beginners, this introductory course provides a safe and fun environment for you to discover the wonders of the underwater realm with the guidance of certified instructors.
  • Uncover a New Passion: Take the plunge and uncover a potential lifelong love for scuba diving.
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SSI - Open Water Diver

  • Discover a completely new world, hidden just below the surface
  • Experience the nearly weightless sensation of flight
  • Learn about new environments and exotic new species
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SSI - Advanced Adventurer

  • Try an adventure dive from a variety of SSI speciality programs
  • Experience new equipment and skills
  • Continue the speciality programs you enjoy to earn more certifications
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SSI - Diver Stress & Rescue

  • Learn the skills needed to protect yourself and other divers
  • Prepare yourself for emergency and rescue situations
  • Practice techniques to conduct rescues and provide emergency care
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SSI - Perfect Buoyancy

  • Improve your body positioning for more relaxed dive adventures
  • Reduce your air consumption and increase your bottom time
  • Learn new skills that protect the environment and work in every diving situation
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SSI - Enriched Air Nitrox

  • Increase your bottom times and safety margins
  • Decreased surface intervals compared to diving with air
  • Learn new skills and increase your diving knowledge
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SSI - Dive Guide

  • Learn the knowledge and skills needed to safely act as a dive leader in professional and non-professional dive situations
  • Practice dive briefings, site evaluations and leading recreational divers
  • Learn how to continue your dive professional career as an SSI dive control specialist
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